aboutstickman.gifAbout Methow Recycles

01-poster-child.jpgNon-profit Methow Recycles was envisioned in the late 1990s by a group of individuals who imagined a community with easier and more comprehensive access to recycling. It was successfully built through creative public-private partnerships and inter-local agreements between the Town of Twisp and Okanogan County.

Since then, we've evolved from a recycling organization that talked about waste prevention; we are now a waste reduction organization offering recycling as part of the solution.

Our climate is under tremendous pressure because of the waste we generate. Everything we buy involves extraction, manufacturing, and transportation. These three areas contribute nearly 40% of greenhouse gasses globally. Recycling is an important way to help, but it is not enough; we must fundamentally change our relationship with waste. Every one of us can make a difference, and Methow Recycles is here to help!


Why waste something that's perfectly good just because you no longer need or want it? We keep usable materials in circulation through our Take-It-or-Leave-It program. Building supplies, small housewares, and more are kept from the landfill when their owners no longer want them. Many community members want to move materials off their property or out of their garage but are loathe to send them to the landfill. Others delight in finding unexpected treasures like light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, doors, and lumber.

Sharing reduces resource use, saves money, and builds community. It's like a large extended family with just the tool or skill to help you complete your project. Our Tool Library is loaded with tools you can borrow to fix a leaky pipe, fire-wise your property, and much more.

Our Repair Cafes empower us to keep the items we already own in productive use. Our volunteer fixers are like that aunt or uncle ready to share their knowledge of how to fix almost anything. They use their sewing, electrical, mechanical, and carpentry skills to keep your things usable and out of the landfill. With a repair rate of 85%, they're doing a great job!!

FOR GENERATIONS TO COME - Kids are learning about the planet and their role in caring for it as members of the Methow Valley Elementary School GREEN TEAM led by Methow Recycles' Outreach Coordinator. As the children learn about protecting the environment and making a difference at home and at school, we think about what our world will look like 20 years from now. Sometimes Repair Cafe volunteers visit to teach kids how to make their own repairs so they can once again use their broken toys or games rather than landfilling them and getting new ones.

WE STILL MAKE IT EASY TO RECYCLE - Our recycling program continues to thrive in spite of challenges in the world of recycling, and is an example for others in the region. Most of the material coming through our facility is recycled into new products within 250 miles of Twisp, including glass! We're open to self-hauling household recyclers on Thursdays and Saturdays with staff and volunteers, and to business recyclers Wednesday and Friday afternoons by appointment. In addition, we process all of the recyclables collected at the "curb" by WasteWise.

WE'RE BUILDING TEAMS OF LOCAL EXPERTS BY training diverse groups of community members to become Eco-leaders at their jobs, in their neighborhoods, and at school. Please get in touch if you'd like to become an Eco-Leader.

Community support sustains our existing work and builds new programs promising long-term impact. Sales of recyclable materials no longer come close to covering our modest costs. Whether you bring your recycling to us or subscribe to WasteWise, you keep recycling in the valley by paying for this opportunity. We make it easy for you to pay as go or pay ahead through membership.

All of our waste prevention, education, and outreach work is funded by annual support. What we do here is possible because of YOU!