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greenstickmanHow Do I Get Rid Of....

Helpful Hints or A Conscious Person's Guide to Getting Rid of Stuff in the Methow Valley

We've made a concerted effort to capture as many suggestions as possible to help you make good choices. What do you wonder about? If you have something you'd like to see added - either a question or an answer - please contact us.

 How do I get rid of...SuggestionsCost?
sensitive documents
Sensitive documents

Methow Recycles Shredding service. 

Place your documents into the locked bin at the center.  They will be shredded by DB Secure Shred, the same folks who serve the banks, clinics, and attorneys in the area.

$5 per paper grocery sack

$8 per small box

old computer
Old TVs, computer monitors, desktop computers, laptop computers, ink cartridges, cables, eReaders & tablets Methow Recycles! $0
Other electronics such as printers, VCRs, speakers, stereos, etc.

Twisp Transfer Station


Staples and Office Depot

Same as general garbage.


Printers only, fees may apply.

prescription drugs

Prescription drugs

PLEASE DON'T FLUSH THEM - it's bad for our water systems!!!

Here are 2 good options:

1. Take them to the Twisp Police Department office and use their drop-off window. See photo to the right ---->


2. Remove drugs from original container, mix them with some undesirable substance like kitty litter or used coffee grounds, seal this into a container such as a coffee can or yogurt tub and discard with your garbage.

 Twisp PD

Clothing in good condition





Clothing in poor condition

Methow Valley Senior Center Rummage Room (at the community center in Twisp)

Thrifty Fox, Glover St., Twisp

Room One (please call first)

Blue NW Center box outside of Hank's. The fabric is recycled.

11849 Dispos-Oil.jpg
Used motor oil Twisp Transfer Station

Methow Valley Community Center - they use it for their recycled oil furnace. Please call 997-2926 to arrange drop off



Ferrous scrap metal - farm equipment, rusty metal what's it

Twisp Transfer Station


Metal Recycles

Same as general garbage, but it will go into a metals bin that gets it recycled.

Can take small, heavy steel & iron.  Size limited to what will fit on a pallet.  No roofing or appliances.


Barbed wire

Twisp Transfer Station



Methow Recycles


Same as general garbage, but it will go into a metals bin that gets it recycled.

If coiled tightly & neatly.

Steel Roofing Methow Recycles - Take it or Leave it


Twisp Transfer Station if not usable


Same as general garbage, but it will go into a metals bin that gets it recycled.
Functional Applicances - microwaves, phones, washers, dryers or usable furniture

The Cove - 997-0227 - call, don't drop off!




Non-functional applicances - same as above Twisp Transfer Station $19.68 for refrigerants, $12.43 for all other appliances
Styrofoam packing peanuts

Methow Recycles. We collect them for artists and shops around the valley who reuse them.

Aspen Grove Gifts in Winthrop

These get reused directly, so please make sure they look like something you would like to receive something nice packaged with - ie clean, no tape, packing slips, etc.
small yard wastel.jpg
Yard waste, Food Waste Compost at home, here's how

Twisp Transfer Station
Same as general garbage
Tree Branch Mulch.jpg
Tree trimmings - small quantities

Tree trimmings - large quantities
Twisp Transfer Station

Anyone know chippers who'd want to be here?
Same as general garbage
Household Batteries - regular or rechargable Methow Recycles - bin in our colorful new shed on the east side of the parking lot.

Hank's - bucket outside
Automotive batteries

Les Schwab

Twisp Transfer Station

Napa in Twisp

Old motor homes and campers Central landfill in Okanogan.

Try calling Randy's Towing or Shull's.
Same as general garbage
Usable Building materials Methow Recycles Take it or Leave it

Household hazardous chemicals (old paint, anfifreeze, fertilizer, etc.)

Twisp Transfer Station,

Details & Hours (they are not regular transfer station hours)

Books Donate to the library for their annual book sale. They take ALL kinds of books! $0
Nursery pots - not broken

Wild Hearts Nursery

Methow Natives

Twisp Transfer or your trash can




Unwanted catalogs www.catalogchoice.org

Call the 800# on the catalog
& ask them to remove your name.
It can take a little while, but it helps for most catalogs