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greenstickmanTake it or Leave it Materials List

Methow Recycles reserves the right to not to accept items at any time. We are starting with a very strict list. Please check back often! Examples of reasons we may have for not accepting your item is that we can't store it properly, can't ensure that it works, or don't believe we can find it a new home.

Materials Accepted

  • Lumber (minimum length of 8 feet)
  • Fence posts (minimum length 6 feet)
  • Flooring (minimum of 16 square feet)
  • Half or full sheets of plywood, thicker than 1/2 inch
  • New tile or laminate at least 4 feet in BOTH directions (16 square feet)
  • Counter top at least 2 feet in BOTH directions
  • Metal pipe at least 8 feet long, Rebar at least 6 feet long
  • Insulated wire at least 20 feet long
  • Rolled fencing at least 10 feet long
  • Roofing - no holes, at least 10 sheets, all sheets must be longer than 8 feet
  • Sinks, Tubs/showers (we will only stock 2 at a time)
  • Solid core doors
  • Double pane windows

Materials NOT Accepted


  • Broken, chipped, cracked, bent, misshapen, or missing pieces
  • Dirty, stained, leaking, rotted, or moldy
  • Disassembled items, unless required for transportation
  • Soft goods eg. Carpet & carpet pad, mattresses, bedding, insulation, upholstery, fabric, etc.
  • Liquids
  • Hazardous materials, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, etc.
  • Items that require electricity, water, or propane
  • Items which cannot be moved by hand


  • Lumber shorter than 8 feet, and fence posts shorter than 6 feet
  • Plywood 1/2 inch or less, OSB
  • MDF trim
  • TJIs
  • Used tile or brick             
  • Used laminate
  • Countertop less than 2 feet in BOTH directions
  • Non low-flow toilets
  • Sliding, or hollow core doors
  • Empty door frames
  • Single pane and/or aluminum windows
  • PVC pipe
  • Entertainment centers
  • Air conditioning units and heat pumps
  • Printers and fax machines
  • Weapons