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donatestickman.gifFunded By You!


We are a lot like public radio. Our programs are supported by:

  • YOU! Charitable gifts from individuals and businesses fund 40% of our work.

  • Grants. All grant funding is competitive, and rarely carries from year to year.

  • Services. All recycling collected by WasteWise is processed and shipped by our staff. We bill them for this service.

  • Sales of Separated Recyclables now only accounts for about 15% of our budget. Global market realities far outside of our control have reduced their value to 1/3 of what they were just 2 years ago, and we don't expect this to change for the better. If you haul your own recycling, please charge yourself to drop it off. We make this easy to do using cash, check, or charge on site and with our donate button below.

Here are a few ways you can support our work:

Set up a one time, annual, or set it and forget it with a monthly contribution here:


Your donor advised fund
These tax-advantaged accounts are a wonderful way to support our work.


GiveMethow comes along in October for the entire month. Your credit card fees are paid and a stretch gift may increase the impact of your giving. For more details, click on the GiveMethow logo above.

Workplace Giving and Employer Matches
We participate in a number of workplace giving programs, and many employers match their employees' giving. Yours may be one! Please check with us or with your employer to find out.

Securities and estate planning
If you would like to discuss a gift of securities or are considering whether to include Methow Recycles in your estate plans, please contact Betsy.





Methow Recycles' tax ID is 01-0741195.