The Methow Valley's Material Exchange located at Methow Recycles in Twisp.

OPEN same hours as self-haul recycling: Thursday & Saturday, 10-4.

Special practices:
We are implementing new procedures to support social distancing and sanitizing. We appreciate your patience as we all adapt to our new procedures.

How it Works:

How to Take-It

  1. See something you want or need, take it! It’s that simple!
  2. Feel free to make a donation. your voluntary donations help support this program.
  3. Don’t see what you need? Post below, try the local “Buy-Sell-Trade” groups on Facebook, the methownet Bulletin Board, or ask staff for recommendations

How to Leave-It

We reserve the right to reject any item at any time

  1. Here, paying to get rid of your stuff keeps it out of the landfill!
  2. Check with staff before leaving anything - No Dumping Please
  3. Read through our lists below of what we do, and do not take
  4. If we can’t take what you have: post it on the physical bulletin board in the tent, try the local “Buy-Sell-Trade” groups on Facebook, the methownet Bulletin Board, and ask staff for recommendations
  5. We charge $5 for each 100 pounds – with a $5 minimum.  That’s the same rate as throwing your stuff in the transfer station next door.

Accepted Items:
Must not be: bent, not working, missing pieces, dirty, stained, or chipped

  • Working tools
  • Book Cases, Storage Bins, and Buckets
  • Light Fixtures – must have all of their parts
  • New Electrical and Telecom Wire
  • Sinks, Tubs/Showers – as space allows
  • Plumbing Fixtures – must have all of their parts
  • Pipe Fittings
  • New Tile and Laminate
  • Counter Top – at least 2 feet long and standard depth
  • Usable Bags of Mortar, Stain, Concrete, etc.
  • Bagged Packing Peanuts
  • Usable Metal Items
  • Ducting and Vents
  • Usable Fencing & Fence Posts
  • Linear goods: lumber, metal and plastic pipe – must be at least 2 feet long
  • Sheet Goods: plywood, plexiglass – must be at least 1 foot square
  • Siding/Roofing – must be at least 6 feet long
  • Doors – frame or no frame
  • Door Hardware – must have all of their parts
  • Windows – must be double pane AND either vinyl or wood clad
  • Hardware and Fasteners

Materials NOT Accepted

  • No bent or broken items of any kind
  • No dirty, stained, or cracked items of any kind
  • No items missing pieces
  • No Electronics
  • No Furniture
  • No Appliances
  • No Window Blinds
  • No Fluorescent Light Fixtures
  • No Electric Heaters Including Baseboards
  • No Toilets
  • No Sporting Equipment
  • No OSB, Particle Board, and MDF
  • No TJIs
  • No Empty Door Frames
  • No Unframed Glass, and Single Pane and/or Aluminum Framed Windows
  • No Soft Goods – Insulation, Sheetrock, Carpet/Carpet Pad, Upholstery/Fabric
  • No Hazardous Materials, or Weapons